2021-2022 Board of Directors

President - Terry H.
Treasurer - Ronda
Secretary - Roni M.
Assistant Secretary- Kristin M.
Trustees - Cheryl G.                                                   

Approved Deck Stain color....

Hidden Dunes LaneMission Brown

Parkwood - New Redwood 

BRAND:  Cabot

TRANSPARANCY:  Solid Color Stain

Acrylic or Oil 

We have had too many decks stained random colors, no matching done by homeowner, and have had to resort to dictating a specific brand.

Insurance Contact

Doyle & Ogeden   616-773-6520

Local Providers

City Offices - Ferrysburg

Electric - Grand Haven Board of Light and Power

Gas Michigan Gas Utilities

Trash - Included

Two Ways to Pay Dues


We ask that you let the Board know.  There are things we need to let the realtor (or you if selling by owner) know.  Thank you.


There is a 10% rule for rental units.  It is imperative you notify your realtor when selling.  The Board MUST be contacted if anyone is interested in renting out their unit.

1.  Send check with payment coupon
2.  Set up auto-pay with your bank
Whichever way you choose, make sure your address is included.

What's Been Happening . . .

2019-2021 30 condos received new roofs, all 50 received new gutters.
2020:  Updated house numbers, more visible.
2020-2021:  9 new trees planted, updating landscape.
2020-2021:  Trim painted and boards repaired/replaced as needed.
2021: Rotten wood between units at 17879/17884 HD replaced.