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Rules & Docs

Rules & Regulations

Hidden Dunes Condominium Association

Rules & Regulations

Updated & Adopted 2022


1.    Dues -Dues are payable by the First of the month at an address determined by the Board of Directors.  In the event your dues are not received by the last day of

the month, a late fee of $20 will be assessed.  After three months, if the dues have not been paid, a lien will be placed on the unit in accordance with the Association By-Laws.  (Article III, Sect 4).


2.    Co-Owner Damage - Any damage to the General or Limited Common Elements caused by a Co-owner, tenant, pet, or guest shall not be the responsibility of the Association.  All such damage shall be repaired solely at the expense of the Co-owner, in a time frame deemed to be reasonable by the Board of Directors, by a contractor approved by the Board of Directors.  The Board shall communicate this information to the responsible Co-owner in writing.

    Modifications to General and limited Common Elements may not be made without prior written approval of the Board of Directors.  Any questions should be directed to the Board of Directors.


3.     Notice of Maintenance/Complaints - Non-emergency maintenance requests should be made in writing to the Management agent or a Board member.  Complaints against another co-owner should be first directed toward the offending party in an effort to reach an agreeable settlement.  Noise complaints should be directed to the local police if the above mentioned preliminary procedure does not correct the situation.


4.      Parking - Vehicles owned by co-owners must fit in your garage/driveway when plows are out.  Vehicles in overflow parking when plows are out will incur a $50 fine, no exceptions.


5.      Pets - Local ordinances apply to your pets.  All pets must be on a leash and under the owner’s control.  Owners must clean up after their pet does its business IMMEDIATELY.  Costs to repair damage caused by pet will be responsibility of co-owner along with a $100 fine.  ALL  pet damage repairs will be done by direction of Board using HDA contractor.


6.      Rentals - Co-owners wishing to rent their unit must notify the Board ten (10) days prior to the renter obtaining a copy of the lease and/or occupying the unit.  No unit may be leased for less than one (1) year without written consent from the Association.  The lease used must be approved by the Board.  Specific details may be obtained from a member of the Board of Directors.


7.    Signs - No signs are allowed, without written permission by the Board.  Exceptions:  “Open House”- one sign on day of the open house; “For Sale”- one allowed in a window; USA Flag (3’ x 5’) and small garden flags allowed.

8.      Exterior Door Color - You may paint your Entry Door Behr Roasted Squash (dark gold), Behr Dark Evergreen, or Behr Deep Breath (dark blue).  Newly purchased Storm Doors will be in Almond.

9.    Occupancy - Units are for single family occupancy only in accordance with State and Local Laws.


10.    Noncompliance of Policies and Rules - Some Policies and Rules have specific fines outlined within them.  Inmost other instances, we expect that a friendly reminder will correct the problem.  However, if necessary, a written communication will be sent to the Co-owner outlining the violation and the corrective action expected, as well as a notification of a $50.00 fine payable to the Hidden Dunes Condominium Association.


11.    Board Members - Being on the Board of Directors and running the Business of Hidden Dunes Condo Association is an important undertaking.  It is expected that Board Members attend 80% of meetings.






Entry Door Color Options

     We now have 3 choices of different color options for painting our Entry Doors.  

     The color choices can be  purchased from Home Depot in semi-gloss.

Behr Roasted Squash (dark gold), Behr Dark Evergreen, or Behr Deep Breath (dark blue).         Newly purchased Storm Doors will be in Almond.

Deck Stain

Approved Deck Stain color....

Hidden Dunes LaneMission Brown

Parkwood - New Redwood 

BRAND:  Cabot

TRANSPARANCY:  Solid Color Stain

Acrylic or Oil 

We have had too many decks stained random colors, no matching done by homeowner, and have had to resort to dictating a specific brand.

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